What you choose to wear (on your feet) inside & outside the gym will play a big factor in how you perform during your training session.


You most certainly won’t find anyone wearing a pair of jeans while working out (their uncomfortable and not very functional). So why wear a pair of shoes that are uncomfortable and not functional for your performance?

Most of us are aware of what to wear while exercising, as our current fashion trends are becoming more athletic and versatile. But not much emphasis goes towards what to wear on your feet, and they are just as important if not slightly more than what you wear on the rest of the body.


The best idea on figuring out what to wear will be based on the type of activity you are about to embark on…

Are you a RUNNER:

Finding the right running shoe is crucial for those of you who enjoy hitting the treadmill or embracing our natural terrain. Find a shoe that is specifically designed for running. They should be lightweight, flexible, soft and have the right amount of cushion inside and around the shoe.

Leave it the COURT:

Perhaps you like to handle matters on the court playing basketball, racquetball, tennis or volleyball. You are going to need a specific shoe for optimal performance. The right shoe for this type of activity should be secure enough to keep your foot and ankle sturdy as well as enough support in the sole to help you bounce back from sudden movements.

Bring it to the FIELD:

Are you a into playing Soccer, Football, Baseball or Sprinting on the track. For field sports you will need a shoe that has enough traction at the bottom to dig through the dirt and grass. Shoes that have spikes, cleats or studs work perfectly for those types of activities.

Who wants to go for a WALK:

Walking has a little less sudden impact compared to those above. Finding the proper shoes for walking however is just as important as any other activity. The best walking shoe should be light enough to allow you to move with ease. You want to find something that is flexible and mobile for the natural movement pattern of walking.

Remember to take time finding the right shoe. Some days you may be in luck and find one in a single shot, other days might be a little more difficult. Be very selective and ask questions from the specialist that works in the department you are shopping in to make sure your really walking away with the best shoe for you.

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