One way to control type 2 diabetes is to reduce blood sugar levels. Many doctors recommend walking to help. A new research has shown that walking as recommended does make a noticeable improvement.

The research study included 41 adults with the average age of 60 years old. They had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with an average of 10 years of illness. The participants were to complete one of the following activities.

1. 30 minutes walking each day. Walking must be done without stopping.

2. 10 minutes walking after each main meal. Three times per day.
Glucose levels were monitored and confirmed the participants completion of the daily walking.

The glucose level then the participants who completed a single 30 minute walk. The conclusion was that walks after dinner has a greater impact on glucose levels. Scientists were not able to confirm the reason for this outcome, but mentioned that they believe it is related to the intake of carbohydrates during the meal. The carbohydrates increase blood glucose levels and the walking helps burn off excess of this glucose. Because of this, scientists are now recommending this protocol, especially when the meal includes a large portion of carbohydrate.

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