Mens Training

Don’t let Renae’s small stature fool you! She has the authority and personality to whip anyone into shape! Kelowna is Canada’s playground. We need to have our body in shape in order to full take advantage of this city. We all know how it feels to have your body hold you back – it sucks! Renae understands the fitness goals that men strive for and can execute a plan to have you reach them. Below are just a few of the goals Renae Personal Training Kelowna can help you reach.


I feel this is the most important aspect of fitness regardless of gender. It is more common for males to overlook this aspect, and immediately hit the weights. Building a solid fitness foundation is essential before building muscle. This will help prevent injury, and ultimately provide faster results even if your goal is to bulk up. Renae is aware that intense cardio training can be painful and intimidating. This is where Renae will step in and push you to your limit!

Weight Changes

You are covered here no matter if your goal is to shed those pounds, or to bulk up that lanky frame. Renae will help you in building a meal and diet plan. She is not a girl you will want to disappoint. Each week you will review your progress in following this plan. No cheating! Renae’s meal plans will leave opportunities for all your indulgences, while ensuring your are making healthy progress to any weight change goals.

Sexy Muscle

This will depend on your fitness goals and current shape. We may work work up to some serious weight lifting. I will incorporate the perfect balance of resistance training to have my client reach their ideal and healthy size. Working with Renae you will sculpt your dream body.

Don’t waste any more time. If you have been procrastinating getting off the couch, or have been stuck in the gym doing the same repetitive workout without results, contact Renae now!

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